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- Gary Renshaw

“Michael, is amazing his work Is Outstanding...He is very personable and informative. He works very hard to get the best shots in the hard conditions in which he has to work at times, but he always does his very best and it's amazing the shots he gets - his work is impeccable. Thank You Michael For Your Hard Work!!!”

- Sandy Dahlstedt Harkins

“Great pictures. You really captured an amazing day for our School of Rock Coral Springs, kids and everyone there!!!”

- Erika Abelman Zim

“It shows in Michael's work that photography is his love and passion! He does such beautiful work! And he is very personable and friendly, very nice guy!”

- Laura Phillips

“Always the professional. His passion for photography shows through his work. You know the night just got better when he shows up with his camera.”

- Tony Viera 

“It's always a massive pleasure to work with Michael. He always delivers the goods!”

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“Amazing eye for live bands. Would highly recommend for any and all of your photo/video needs!”

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“All the work that I see Michael do is Top Notch! I would highly recommend Him. I've seen a lot of his work and he's excellent!!!”

- Michael Odum 

“Hi Michael just want to thank you for all the great pictures you took they look so great I'm sure that if everybody sees the pictures of that night we will be pleased again thank you very much!”

- Sonya Posher

“Amazing Photographer Stunning pictures Great page!!!”

- Liana Rock Maddocks

“Excellent work!”

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- The Pure Zeppelin Experience

“Pictures like this are why Michael Polissky of Michael Polissky Productions is the best photographer in town!  Check out his Facebook page for more great shots...Of course when you have a band like NZM, you have pretty good material to work with anyway!”

- Joyce Ward Moshen

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“The Best.”

- Maria Ferreira da Fonseca


- Jennifer Perdue Milton

“Michael Polissky is the man - if anyone needs professional photography or video, please get in touch with him.  You are nothing in this business without quality promo pictures & videos and Mike has been there for us since the beginning.”

- Gary Renshaw, The Pure Zeppelin Experience

“Mike I gotta tell you, you're one of the greats my man." 

- Basil Bankston, The Platters

“Hey Man!!! Was just on the phone with a booking agent, and he was commenting on our photos on the website. Just wanted to say thanks again - really nice work!  If you ever need a reference, please send people our way!" 

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- Paolo Velazquez, Made of Metal

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